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Super Bowl Sunday – Part 2

In my last post “Super Bowl Sunday”, I went ahead and broke down the quarterback position for both of these teams.  Obviously, if you are any kind of football fan you would already know which team has the advantage at the QB position this Sunday.  For those of you that do not, and didn’t read my last post, let me put it as simply as possible.  The New England Patriots’ Tom Brady against the New York Giants’ Eli Manning.  That should be sufficient enough for you.  If not, you need to crawl out from the rock that you have been living under for the last couple of years.  I hate to say it, but Tom Brady is the best QB in the NFL these days.  Peyton this and Peyton that, but who has the most rings?  So lets move on to the next set of players.  One of my favorite positions on the field.  The wide receivers. Continue reading


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Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here!  Are you excited?  I know that I am.  Although I must admit I am looking more forward to the food, squares, unusual “next commercial” gambling, and beer, than I am the actually game.  Although some people believe that the Giants actually have a shot at beating the Patriots, I personally do not think so.  I believe those that think this also are probably buying into the whole “Brady, high ankle sprain” hoopla.  Thankfully I do not find myself on that side of the fence.  The Tom Brady injury was one the funniest stories that I read this week.  Even funnier was that it happened to be TMZ that caught it on tape.  But we’ll get into that later on.  For now lets talk about the actual game and what that will play out like, and then we’ll get into the entire Super Bowl truths and rumors. Continue reading


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NFL Conference Championship Games

After a very surprising last weekend of football, this weekend could also be filled with some more surprises and plenty of more excitement.  For the second week in a row the home teams are heavily favored, but look how that turned out last week.  The Chargers came into Indianapolis and completely embarrassed the Colts.  Now my wife is a Colts fan and there were some times during that game that she got really excited.  After LT went out, which by the way was VERY early in the game, and Gates not being even close to 100%, and not to mention Volek having to come into the game, I told her that even if the Colts win this game there is no way that they would be able to hang with the Patriots next week.  In the end, even with the only 3 weapons that the Chargers have are not playing, Indy still couldn’t find a way to win.  How do you go into Foxborough playing like that? Continue reading

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Issues With Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare

If you are a Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare junkie then you are most likely as irritated at the game as I am.  Well I can’t really say irritated at the game, more like irritated at XBL and Microsoft.  How can the biggest computer/software company in the world not be able to fix a simple server problem within the span of, oh I don’t know, lets say ten minutes? Continue reading


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Here Come The NFL Divisional Championships

This weekend will be filled with GREAT games.  And when I say GREAT, I mean GREAT.  This could be the weekend that football fans have been waiting for all year.  A loss by the New England Patriots.  Although all home teams this weekend are favored to win, and if they play like they should they will, but there are some really good teams poised to provide us all with an upset.  Will they happen?  I don’t know, but in one case I sure hope so.  With that being said lets take a look at this weekends match-ups. Continue reading

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