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Suite Seats at Staples Center

I’m coming to you with this post a little late.  I attended the Lakers game last Wednesday against Charlotte.  After that I left for the weekend and went to the desert.  So here I am today with my recap.  My wifey’s dad got us tickets from a vendor that we in the AIG suite. Continue reading


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Kobe Bryant Wins MVP?

This is definitely a question that many people are asking themselves these days.  Could this FINALLY  be the year that Kobe wins the only individual achievement he hasn’t won yet.  Noticed how I said won instead of earned?  I personally think Kobe should have already wrapped up one MVP award by now.  I always thought that the definition of an MVP was, the most valuable player in the league to their respected teams.  Meaning which player in the league does the absolute most for their team.  If this was followed, opposed to the best player on the best team concept, Kobe would have won at least one already.  Imagine taking Kobe off of the Lakers the last couple of years, and replacing him with…..hmmm lets say reigning MVP Dirk Nowitzki.  Would the Lakers have made the playoffs last year?  I think not.  They would have been a lottery team.  Put Tim Duncan on the Lakers last year and see if they make the playoffs.  They wouldn’t.  Now lets say take Dirk off of the Mavericks last year and replace him with Vince Carter.  Do they still make the playoffs?  Do they miss a beat without Dirk?  No they don’t, because any big man with shooting ability can be a Dirk.  It doesnt’ matter who you try to replace Kobe with, he can’t be matched.  Not even with LeBron.  The Lakers would still be a lottery team.  So does Kobe have a chance at winning MVP finally? Continue reading


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