Kobe Bryant Wins MVP?

This is definitely a question that many people are asking themselves these days.  Could this FINALLY  be the year that Kobe wins the only individual achievement he hasn’t won yet.  Noticed how I said won instead of earned?  I personally think Kobe should have already wrapped up one MVP award by now.  I always thought that the definition of an MVP was, the most valuable player in the league to their respected teams.  Meaning which player in the league does the absolute most for their team.  If this was followed, opposed to the best player on the best team concept, Kobe would have won at least one already.  Imagine taking Kobe off of the Lakers the last couple of years, and replacing him with…..hmmm lets say reigning MVP Dirk Nowitzki.  Would the Lakers have made the playoffs last year?  I think not.  They would have been a lottery team.  Put Tim Duncan on the Lakers last year and see if they make the playoffs.  They wouldn’t.  Now lets say take Dirk off of the Mavericks last year and replace him with Vince Carter.  Do they still make the playoffs?  Do they miss a beat without Dirk?  No they don’t, because any big man with shooting ability can be a Dirk.  It doesnt’ matter who you try to replace Kobe with, he can’t be matched.  Not even with LeBron.  The Lakers would still be a lottery team.  So does Kobe have a chance at winning MVP finally?

Not only a chance, but I think that it is a very good probability.  He has something this year he didn’t have before.  A good supporting cast.  Basically he has a good team finally to get him MVP consideration.  He is doing things again this year, that no other player can do.  He is BY FAR the hungriest player in the NBA.  No one wants the title more than Kobe.  He has the most talent in the NBA, hands down.  He is the ultimate closer in this day and age.  And to top it all off, he’s doing all of this with a torn ligament in his shooting hand.  Scary, yes I know.  How much longer can the NBA deny it’s best player?  How much longer will it be until people’s hate towards Kobe turns to admiration?  It isn’t his fault he is so good.  It’s not his fault he gets paid millions of dollars a year to show up in other cities gyms and completely embarrass the home team.  That is why people hate him so much, because he is so good.  Jordan didn’t get denied like Kobe, and Jordan had a FANTASTIC supporting cast.  Kobe was doing the same things the last couple years that Jordan was doing, but he was doing it by himself.  Weird how the NBA works.  Jordan was the best player in the NBA during his time, and he was loved.  Kobe is the best player in the next generation, and he is hated.  It just doesn’t make sense. 

Statistically Kobe is in perfect position to boost his MVP votes.  He is averaging 28.2 ppg, 6.1 rpg, and 5.4 apg.  He’s shooting the ball at almost 47%.  All of his numbers are up from last year, and are also above his career average.  He is second in the NBA to Lebron in scoring.  Even with all of the players and scorers on the Lakers he is still putting up HUGE numbers.  Just goes to show who actually should be the called “King”.  Now I may sound bias, and there is good reason behind that.  However, I will give credit where credit is due.  There are a couple other MVP potentials out there.  Chris Paul, Kevin Garnett, Lebron.  Those are really the only strong contenders, but when you look at it Kobe is still a better player.  He is still more valuable to his team than anyone else.  So I would assume that this would be an easy decision as to who should be the MVP this year, but like in all years there will be a big debate.  They will try to find any little thing to not have Kobe win.  Kobe you got my vote for sure………….if it counted.  What are you thoughts?

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3 responses to “Kobe Bryant Wins MVP?

  1. Hollywood Amigos

    Vince Carter interchange-able with Dirk Nowitski? Hmmm…

  2. EQ

    LAL 0-2 vs BOS
    LAL 1-1 vs DET
    LAL 0-2 vs CLE
    LAL 1-1 vs ORL
    LAL 1-2 vs SAS
    That’s 3-8 vs the best the league has to offer… With Kobe healthy
    Wed Nov 28, CLE loses 6 games w/o Lebron , CLE 9-6 on Nov 27… LAL 8-6.
    CLE 2-1 vs BOS w/ Lebron
    CLE 0-1 vs DET Lebron injured 1st have doesn’t return for 5 games.
    CLE 2-0 vs LAL Lebron drops, 33 & 41pts on LAL game high for BOTH TEAMS!
    CLE 1-1 vs ORL
    CLE 1-1 vs SAS
    That’s 6-3 vs the same elite teams… With Lebron Healthy
    CLE 38-28 vs LAL 45-19 : assuming LBJ never gets sidelined and CLE wins those six games your now talking about CLE 44-22 vs LAL 45-19. Then what if you consider LAL’s record if the Pau Gasol steal/trade never saves LAL long road trip down elite hell… You tell me if LAL records means they have the MVP… Not really. LAL record is the only thing LA can hold onto.
    Take a stroll down “What-have-you-done-for-me-lately?” or to be exact “2008”.
    1. Lebron covers Kobe in final seconds of each game, Kobe misses final shot and loses the game.
    2. LeBron takes MVP allstar game.
    3. LeBron passes Kobe as the youngest 23 year old hit the 10,000 pts mark. (in less games as well)
    4. LeBron locks the leagues 2008 scoring title down.
    5. Lebron ppg 31.0 rebs 8.1 ast 7.4
    6. Lebron leading the league in 50 pt games this year.
    7. LeBron the only player to have back to back triple doubles.
    8. LeBron’s Defensive stats vs Kobe’s : BLKS LBJ 1.07, KB .53, STL LBJ 2.0, KB 2.0, DEF REB LBJ 6.3, KB 5.0 FOULS LBJ 2.2 , KB 2.6

    What can you dig up for Kobe in the grand ole 08? By the way he is a great player and hats off to him for evolving as a player, but back to the question… Anything?
    CLE can only lose 4 of their final 17 games in order to stay above .500.

    CLE has 6 tough games left 3 vs DET 2 vs ORL 1 vs NOR
    The rest are easy games. It will be tough but as long as CLE beats two of those six elite teams they can say they hit .500 despite having 3 starters at a time injured.
    The always misleading statement “LBJ should be doing better in the eastern conference!”
    FACT: CLE is 20-16 vs the Eastern conference (remember 6 of those losses were without LeBron so, actually 20-10)
    FACT: LAL is 19-9 vs the SAME EASTERN CONFERENCE! You know the Leastern?!?
    CLE 17-12 VS WEST COMPARED TO LAL 26-10. With 2 games being the difference in the lost column.
    12 of LAL’s magnificent 26 conference wins came by the likes of the -.500 teams (WESTERN SAC, LAC, MIN, SEA, and MEM.) So much for tougher opponents… Oh and remember at the beginning you saw how LAL did against the elites of the NBA.
    Stop with the LAL’s record “AS A TEAM” being proof Kobe should be the MVP. LAL without KOBE looks a lot like UTAH… Fisher, Gasol, Odem, Bynum, Farmar. Not exactly a lottery team there!

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