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Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers

Well Lakers fans, I know you are probably as elated about this season so far as I am.  I knew at the beginning of the year that we would be solid, but to be honest I thought we still had to learn toughness.  Boy was I wrong.  Since game one the Lakers have come out with a vengeance and anger that I haven’t seen in them since our 3 Peat campaign.  They have not only put up HUGE point totals, but in those same games absolutely shut teams down offensively.  What more can you ask for?

This last 6 game road trip was the hardest on the schedule this year, and we took it in stride.  Losing Bynum in the second game was a big loss, but we kept our composure and finished off in style beating the Eastern Conference’s two best teams.  Not only did we strike fear into the 2 teams that are our closest competition, but we struck fear into the entire league.  EVERYONE is looking at what they can do to beat the Lakers.  It’s beautiful.

Kobe Bryant has taken his game to another level……..AGAIN.  If that is even possible. He has been able to get everyone on the squad involved, and it is working beautifully.  Back to Back MVP honors?  We’ll see.  Gasol is having a HUGEyear as well.  I’m not sure whether it’s due to Kobe spreading the love, or Pau having a full off season to get accustom to the triangle offense.  Whatever it is, those 2 right now are unstopable.  Gasol isn’t there yet toughness wise, but has taken some big steps in the right direction.  He is now taking the ball to the rack with authority, instead of always settling for his little flip hook he does.  I predict come playoff time, he will be a BEAST down low.

Andrew Bynum was the story of the year through the first half of the season.  Once again proving critics wrong about playing at a high level after his surgery last year.  Before going down in the unfortunate collision with Kobe, he was averaging close to a double double a game.  Which is EXACTLYwhat the Lakers need.  A presence in the paint both offensively and defensively.  Did anyone see his 40+ outing?  Are you kidding me?  That was one of the most exciting games that I have seen in a long time.  Mainly due to the fact that after all the rehab, all the mental stress, he finally broke through and put up the numbers that he is capable of.  One of my buddies, also a die hard Lakers fan, has backed Bynosaurus since day one, and he is right, Andrew Bynum is the future of what the NBA center will be.  Forget Greg Olden or any other young center in the league.  I hope they have all witnessed what is to come, and realize that they are WAY behind the 8 ball when it comes to playing that position.  The Captain has done wonders with this kid and I don’t see his improvement stopping anytime soon.  Yes I know that he is injured right now, but he came back 100% stronger this year from a worse injury last year.  Hopefully this 8-12 weeks is just that and not any longer.  It would be a lovely present for the Laker Nation if Bynosaurus returns come playoff time.  Sweep anyone?

Lamar has showed some signs of life here and there, but needs to step up and be a consistent threat on the floor.  We need him to do what he did against Cleveland.  Not so much his point total, but the way he played on both ends of the court. Very aggressive offensively and relentless on the boards.  Farmar has come back from injury playing well.  We FINALLYdropped Vlad and got him off our roster. I do worry though about Morrison, who reminds me a lot of Richard Ramirez I hate to say, being a bust but with the way the triangle is set up he should get a lot of open looks.  Who knows, he could be reborn like Ariza was when he came over.

Make sure you do not miss tonight’s game against The Thunder.  I know they aren’t a top team, but for whatever reason these kind of teams give us a hard time.  It should be competitive, and to be honest I haven’t seen Durant play at all since he came into the league.  I know I will be at home with my Sailor Jerry and coke watching the game intently, and I hope you do the same.  We will cheer together in spirit.  GO LAKERS!!!!!

Copyright 2009 – E. Mendez


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