Complete Dominance

Complete dominance is the only phrase to use when talking about this Los Angeles Lakers team this season.  There really is no other way to put it.  One of my buddies today made a good reference to exactly what is going on with the team this year.  He said it is like “Whatever you can do, I can do better.”  This is exactly how the Lakers are playing right now.  Whatever another team brings to the table, we one up them.  There isn’t a team in the league right now that has an advantage over us.  The Lakers have the best starting 5 in the NBA, even without Andrew Bynum, and they have the deepestbench in the league as well.  How can you compete with that?  My bad, you CAN’T.  The Lakers have assembled a true juggernaut, and other teams should be scared. 

Last night’s game against Golden State was AMAZING to say the least.  The Warriors came out with their typical “fast start”, which may or may not have had Lakers fans worried.  Personally it didn’t have my worried at all.  The Warriors never pulled far enough away to put the Lakers in jeopardy.  The Lakers offense was semi absent to start the game off, and really didn’t pick up till maybe half way through the 3rd quarter.  However the defense was stellar.  Kobe Bryant is taking his defense to another level this year, and it is making his entire team play better on that end as well.  The blocks that Kobe had last night not only sent a message to Golden State, but also to the league.  WE WILL NOT BE BROKEN!!  I thought we had signed Hakeem the Dream last night for a game the way the blocks were showing up.  One thing that we STILL have to work on is our perimeter defense.  We give up way too many 3 point shots.  If we improve slightly on that, we would hold teams to under 90 points every game.  This is something that Ariza and Kobe are VERY good at, but we need to get everyone else involved in this as well.  I think that is the only weakness that the Lakers have right now.

A major concern when Bynum went down was the interior defense.  Has anyone seen evidence of this?  I haven’t.  I’ve noticed that it has actually made the entire team more aware of the paint, and they are doing a fantastic job of shutting that avenue down.  Kobe is getting blocks all the time.  Lamar has stepped up his defense and is snatching virtually every rebound in the game, and also putting up blocks.  The Machine and Farmar are averaging, what seems to be, 10 steals a game right now.  Our defense is only going to get that much more vicious down the home stretch, which is bad news for any team facing the Lakers.  It’s time to start getting our playoff defense ready…..NOW

Don’t expect any kind of moves by the Lakers before the deadline today.  Everyone is playing too good, and our team has great chemistry.  I heard rumors of Lamar to Phoenix for Amare, but that wont happen.  Lamar is starting to become the ultimate team player, which is EXACTLY what we need with #1 option Kobe, #2 option Gasol, and #3 option Bynum (when he comes back) on the team.  Amare would demand the ball WAY too much and wouldn’t accept being the 4th option.  Also there is no way he’d take a pay cut at his age to stay with a championship team next year.  Lamar on the other hand would.  He loves LA and LA loves him.  Bottom Line.  I did, however, like the Chris Mihm move though.   We doesn’t play, and when he does all he does if foul.  Getting rid of his contract, that we’ve carried for too long, and clearing space was a very smart move.  Also that puts us 1 player short of a full roster too, which Mitch loves.  Gives us some wiggle room if we need it.  I wouldn’t mind seeing us somehow finagleanother 4 or 5 from somewhere, but I’m content with what we’re working with right now. 

AT 44-10 the Lakershave positioned themselves perfectly.  There isn’t a Western Conference team that can compete with us, and we’ve beaten the top 2 teams of the East.  Actually let me rephrase that.  We have SWEPT the top 2 teams of the East this year.  That being said I am VERY surprised that the Celtics and Cavs have remained idle before the deadline.  With what happened to them this year against us, I would have thought they would be looking for that one last piece.  There are a lot of rumors surrounding the Cavs, but nothing from the Celtics.  If I was a top tier team, with a chance to make it to the finals, I would be doing anything and everything I could to try and find that missing piece to beat the Lakers.  They should no longer look at how they will beat their conference, because in the end they still have to face the Lakers for the belt.  And right now that belt is going to look good in front of a purple and gold background.  Bacon wrapped hotdogs anyone?

(Ben Margot / AP)

(Ben Margot / AP)


Copyright 2009 – E. Mendez


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