Welcome Back Manny

Manny Ramirez - Los Angeles Dodgers

Manny Ramirez - Los Angeles Dodgers

After 4 months of negotiations, and 5 different offers, the deal for Manny Ramirez FINALLY got done.  Welcome back to “the real” LA Manny.  So Dodgers fans break out the gloves in the outfield seats, and lets see those dreadlocks flowing again, because this is going to be a GREAT season.  The contract ended up being for 2 years and $45mil with a opt out clause after this year.  The opt out clause I actually like a lot, due to the fact that Manny will HAVE to play hard to increase his worth for next season.  Nothing but smiles of joy over here.

I posted my excitement yesterday on Facebook, mainly because I have a lot of Angels fans as friends.  Yes I know, I don’t know why either.  Anyways I got a comment back about Manny not helping the Dodgers win the World Series.  The season hasn’t started yet, so that’s not what I was talking about in the first place.  This did get me thinking though.  No one player can guarantee anyone the title.  I mean look at A-Roid in New York.  They’ve gotten worse actually.  However Manny does guarantee the Dodgers one things, the NL West Crown.  There isn’t a team in the division that will be able to hang with our offense this year.  Now winning the division gets us to the playoffs, where it’s anyone’s game.  Just ask the Rays from last year.  With this in mind I feel VERY comfortable heading into this year. 

Manny will always be Manny and that wont change.  To be honest WHO CARES.  As long as he brings his bat to the plate and his glove to the field he is one of the top players in the game.  As long as he is wearing Dodger Blue he will bring an excitement to the clubhouse just like last year.  The young guys can rally around him and elevate their game to another level.  That is what Manny will do for us this year, and every year we are able to keep him.  His presence alone last year got us to the playoffs.  Ok maybe his bat too, but it was the attitude the team had once he came over that made the difference.  Now imagine an entire season with ManRam in the lineup.  NL MVP anyone?  We’ll see. 



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