What’s With the Rose Garden?

I am going to keep this post very short, due to the fact that I am still upset about last night’s game.  Losing is one thing, getting BLOWNout is another.  I wouldn’t even know where to begin with last night.  Bottom line, the Lakers  got beat in EVERY offensive and defensive category from the 1st period all the way to the end of the 4th.  What a terrible game.  The curse/losing streak remains in respect to the Rose Garden.  We do, however, play them one more time this season at the Rose Garden.  April 10th.  So mark your calendars and get ready for a bashing that game.  It WILL be good.

Lakers tomorrow night in Houston for another tough road game, starting at 5:30pm.  The Rockets are considered by many to be the “surprise” team down the stretch, and the way they have been playing of late, The Boys need to go in strong from the tip off.  Lets get back on track!


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  1. Corey

    You know, I thought we had left our “soft” designation in Boston during last years finals. Last night reminded me, that we have not fully shaken that stigma. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th attempts at the basket by Portland could have been easily limited with one basic human motor skill, JUMP MOTHER FUCKER JUMP! When you go up for a rebound, go up with a purpose…To come down with the ball. It seemed like everyone was worried about a goal tending charge…which I will take every time because it shows defensive effort. Not to mention I have watched Timmy, and KG take rebounds out of the cylinder for years.

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