Welcome to the SoCal Sports Junkies. We do apologize for the lack of content on the site so far. In our defense today marks the first day of this thing. Anyways, in the upcoming weeks you will start to find great information regarding different sports teams around the leagues.

If you are a Los Angeles Lakers fan you have come to the right place. There will be constant updates, news articles, and open discussions regarding the current status of the team, future status, trades that have come and gone, injuries, “word on the street”. We could go on and on, but in short if you need any Los Angeles Lakers information you can find it here.

We also will be featuring special posts about our personal favorites. Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Dodgers, USC Trojan football, and the Dalls Cowboys. Yes, amongst all the Southern California love, we will still bring to you updates regarding the Cowboys.

Not to short change or miss any other sport out there, because we LOVE them all, there will be different sections and categories that will provide you sports junkies all the helpful and sometimes useless information about your favorite teams. No longer will you have to stand quiet in a conversation around the 18 pack, you will be able to speak your opinion and for once YOU’LL BE RIGHT! Your friends and co-workers will be undoubtedly impressed by what you have learned. Just think, when that cute girl at the bar wearing the football jersey comes up to you and asks you what you think of her team, instead of just standing there with a dumb expression on your face, frantically trying to think of something to say, you will be armed and ready.

Welcome to our spot.


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